Film roll holder for laminators

Foliespulenhalterung für Laminiergeräte

Support de bobine de film pour dispositifs de stratification


A film roll holder for laminators by which a hollow paper tube wound with a film thereon is held around a rolling shaft (60) of a laminator while the film wound around the hollow paper tube is transferred to a heating roller, thus preventing air pockets from being generated between the film and the surface of the objective material and preventing wrinkles from being formed on the film. The film roll holder includes a cylindrical body (10) having a shaft hole (13) axially holed in the cylindrical body (10); an annular groove (11) circumferentially provided on each of both ends of the cylindrical body; and a plurality of elongated grooves (12) axially provided around an outer surface of the cylindrical body to be spaced-apart from each other at predetermined intervals, and a support blade unit (20) inserted into each of the elongated grooves (12) of the cylindrical body (10). The support blade unit has a plurality of support blades provided along an outside edge of the support blade unit; and a fitting notch (22) provided at each of both ends of the support blade unit (20). The film roll holder further includes a rubber ring (30) fitted over each of the annular grooves (11) provided on both ends of the cylindrical body (10) while being placed in the fitting notches (22) of the support blade units (20), and a cover (40) mounted to each of both ends of the cylindrical body (10) by a plurality of mounting bolts (50), with a tapered surface (41) provided on an outer end of the cover.




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