Seat belt retractor


Rétracteur de ceinture de sécurité


The object is to provide a seat belt retractor for preventing noise when in the clutch-disengaged mode. In order to solve this object, in the seat belt retractor (1) of the invention, upon reverse rotation of a motor (6) for rotating a spool (4) an upper connecting gear (27) is rotated in the clockwise direction, and both a clutch gear (31) and a rotating shaft (32) thereof are moved along a guide opening (11g). The clutch gear (31) separates from an outer teeth (17b) of a carrier gear (17), following which the clutch gear (31) meshes with the inner teeth of a clutch gear stopping/holding portion (11k). Upon the rotating shaft (32) coming in contact with the right end of the guide opening (11g), the movement of the clutch gear (31) and the rotating shaft (32) in the right direction is stopped, as well as stopping rotation of the clutch gear (31). Thus, switching to the clutch-disengaged mode is completed. In this case, rotation of the clutch gear (31) is stopped, thereby preventing noise due to rotation of other gears of the clutch mechanism and a power transmission mechanism (8).




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