Appareil de codage et procede de codage

Kodierungvorrichtung und kodierverfahren

Coding apparatus and coding method


A coding apparatus capable of preventing deterioration in demodulation performance without increasing interfering power. In the apparatus, a turbo coding section (100) performs turbo coding on transmission data, and outputs systematic bits and parity bits. A selecting section (200) selects either of two parity bit sequences output from the turbo coding section (100) to output to a mapping section (300-2). Another mapping section (300-1) modulates the systematic bits and performs symbol mapping. The mapping section (300-2) modulates the parity bits and performs symbol mapping. At this time, mapping sections (300-1 and 300-2) perform modulation in modulation schemes instructed from a modulation scheme instructing section (500). The modulation scheme instructed to the mapping section (300-2) is different from the modulation scheme instructed to another mapping section (300-1).




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