Système de copie à distance


Remote copy system


Even when a host does not give a write time to write data, consistency can be kept among data stored in secondary storage systems (B-190). The present system has plural primary storage systems (A-100) each having a source volume (500) and plural secondary storage systems (B-190) each having a target volume (500). Once data is received from a host (A-700), each of the plural storage systems (A-100, B-190) creates write-data management information having sequential numbers and reference information and sends, to one of the primary storage systems (A-100), the data, sequential number and reference information. Each of the secondary storage systems (B-190) records reference information corresponding to the largest sequential number among serial sequential numbers and stores, in a target volume (500) in an order of sequential numbers, data corresponding to reference information having a value smaller than the reference information based on the smallest value reference information among reference information recorded in each of the plural secondary storage systems (B-190).




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