Dispositif de type pince medicale, instrument medical et procede de decoupe d'un tissu d'organisme au moyen de ce dispositif

Medizinische klammervorrichtung, medizinisches instrument und verfahren zum schneiden von gewebe eines organismus mit der vorrichtung

Medical clipping device, medical instrument and method for cutting organism tissue utilizing the device


When a living tissue (H) of a ligation target is ligated by means of a snare wire (5), the snare wire (5) is brought into contact with the living tissue (H) of a ligation target, on a large contact face by means for preventing living tissue cut-in of a ligation target of at least one of a distal end chip (23) and a rear end ring (24) of a loop section (4) of the snare wire (5), thereby preventing the living tissue (H) of a ligation target from cutting into a contact face of at least one of the distal end chip (23) and rear end ring (24) of the loop section (4).




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