Disposable shorts type wearing article

Tragbarer einweg-artikel vom shorts-typ

Article vestimentaire jetable du type culotte courte


The present invention aims to provide a wearing article comprising a sheet strip formed with a display element bonded to an inner surface of an elastically stretchable sheet so improved to facilitate the display element to be visually recognized from the outside of this elastic sheet without an anxiety that the elastic sheet might be readily broken even if the elastic sheet is repeatedly stretched and contracted. Sheet strips (31, 32) carrying thereon display elements (26) are bonded to an inner surface (21b) of an elastically stretchable outer sheet (21) of the wearing article (1). An inner sheet (22) facing inner surfaces (31b, 32b) of the sheet strips (31, 32) and being elastically stretchable is bonded to the outer sheet (31) intermittently in a waist-surrounding direction as well as in a vertical direction orthogonal to the waist-surrounding direction in a region extending from lateral edges of sheet strips (31, 32) to spots at which front and rear waist regions (6, 7) of the wearing article (1) are bonded to each other along transversely opposite side margins (11, 12) of the waist regions (6, 7).




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