The invention relates to a mattress for use in a bed, seat or the like, comprising a pocketed spring assembly (3) including a plurality of parallel strings of springs (5) joined to each other. Each of said strings of springs (5) comprising a row of interconnected pockets containing at least one spring (4,5) encased in fabric such that the upper ends of the springs (4,5) are substantially flush with each other in an unloaded condition of the mattress. Inflatable members (6) are located underneath select positions of strings of springs (5). Each of said inflatable members (6) is of a width similar to one of said string of springs (5). The springs (5) in the strings of springs (5) under which an inflatable member (6) is located and the respective inflatable members (6) are positioned such with respect to each other that in the non-inflated condition of the inflatable members (6) the springs (5) are unsupported and have a free stroke, while in the inflated condition of the inflatable members (6), the springs (5) remain substantially unloaded by the inflatable members (6) when the mattress is unloaded.




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