Systems and methods for playing back data from a circular buffer by utilizing embedded timestamp information

Systeme et procede pour la reproduction des dates d'un tampon circulaire en utilisant des horodatages integrees

System und Verfahren zur Datenwiedergabe von einem Ringpuffer mittels eingebetteter Zeitmarken


A system for playing back data from a circular buffer is disclosed. The system includes: a buffer, for buffering data, wherein the data is encoded and grouped into Data Units (DUs), each containing an embedded timestamp; a buffer access module, for utilizing a write pointer to record data to the buffer, and for utilizing a read pointer to play back data from the buffer, wherein a DU pointed to by the write pointer corresponds to a current timestamp; and a computing unit, for comparing a timestamp pointed to by the read pointer with the current timestamp, and utilizing the comparison result to determine the validity of playing back data indicated by the read pointer.




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