Haptic display for a handheld electronic device

Affichage haptique pour un dispositif électronique portable

Haptische Anzeige für eine tragbare elektronische Vorrichtung


A handheld wireless communication device features a haptic, touch-sensitive display screen. The handheld wireless communication device is constructed such that it has a hand cradleable body and a display screen disposed on the body. The display screen is configured to display images of buttons, icons and/or other graphical user interface items. Additionally, a touch-sensing assembly with components disposed on or adjacent to the display screen is provided in the handheld device. Furthermore, a haptic assembly is disposed on an upper surface of the display screen. The haptic assembly provides tactile stimulation to the user when the user touches the display screen at a location corresponding to the image of a button, icon, or other graphical user interface item.




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