Method for collection of nucleic acid from fecal sample, method for analysis of nucleic acid, and apparatus for treatment of fecal sample

Procédé de collecte d'acide nucléique à partir d'un échantillon fécal, procédé d'analyse d'acide nucléique et appareil pour le traitement d'échantillon fécal

Verfahren zur nukleinsäureentnahme aus einer stuhlprobe, analyseverfahren für die nukleinsäure und vorrichtung zur behandlung von stuhlproben


The present invention relates to the providing of a method for recovering nucleic acid in a stool sample at high purity without requiring a complicated procedure, a nucleic acid analysis method that uses nucleic acid recovered according to the nucleic acid recovery method, and a stool sample processing apparatus used in that method, wherein the method has: (A) a step for eluting nucleic acid amplification reaction inhibitory substances by preparing a stool sample by adding a collected stool to a solution for removing nucleic acid amplification reaction inhibitory substances that has a water-soluble organic solvent as an active ingredient thereof, and storing the stool sample for a predetermined time, (B) a step for recovering a stool-derived solid fraction by removing the solution for removing nucleic acid amplification reaction inhibitory substances from the stool sample after step (A), and (C) a step for recovering nucleic acid from the stool-derived solid fraction recovered in step (B).




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