Dispositif et système correspondant pour un service composite, et procédé d'établissement et d'utilisation du service composite

Vorrichtung und entsprechendes system für mashup-dienst sowie verfahren zur herstellung und verwendung eines mashup-dienstes

Device and corresponding system for mashup service, and method for establishing and using mashup service


A mashup service terminal is provided, which includes a terminal capability information module, configured to describe a terminal capability of the mashup service terminal and generate description information of the terminal capability; and a terminal capability agent module, configured to schedule the terminal capability according to a call request for the terminal capability from a mashup service server and report the terminal capability to the mashup service server, so that the mashup service server establishes a mashup service by combining the terminal capability. Additionally, a mashup service server, a mashup service system, a method for establishing a mashup service, and a method for using a mashup service are provided. A user terminal capability is introduced into the mashup service as a service and an information source of a mashup application, so that a user can establish and use the mashup service more conveniently and flexibly, and a service experience of the user is improved.




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