Sputtertarget und herstellungsverfahren dafür

Cible de pulvérisation et son procédé de production

Sputtering target and process for production thereof


[Problems] To provide a sputtering target that is capable of forming a Cu-Ga film to which Na is favorably added by a sputtering method, and a method for producing the same. [Means for Solving the Problems] The sputtering target is provided wherein 20 to 40 at% of Ga and 0.05 to 1 at% of Na are contained as metal components except fluorine (F) of the sputtering target, a remaining portion has a component composition consisting of Cu and unavoidable impurities, and Na is contained in the state of a NaF compound. Also, a method for producing the sputtering target includes the steps of forming a molded article consisting of a mixed powder of NaF powder and Cu-Ga powder or a mixed powder of NaF powder, Cu-Ga powder, and Cu powder; and sintering the molded article in a vacuum atmosphere, an inert gas atmosphere, or a reducing atmosphere.




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